Top 25 sources of Calcium in a Vegan Diet.

Before we start the list, there's a few things I would like to make clear: We need about 1000 mg of calcium per day for healthy and strong bones, everyone does not only vegans. As we age we need more: An intake of minimum 1200 mg of calcium is recommended for women...

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Your Condom, is it Vegan? including a video review

If not, now is the time, because your condom could be made from lambskin and contain petrochemicals, parabens, casein, milk powder and spermicides. Not Vegan or ethical. But there is a Vegan alternative out there: Glyde. Its the only certified ethical and Vegan condom...

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Have you heard about the Vegan Passport?

Traveling, seeing the world, getting to know foreigners and eating all sorts of exciting, delicious foods... but it's not always easy being a Vegan, trying to explain what not to put in your food. The answer to the problem is right here. A "Vegan Passport"...

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