All Vegan Foods is more than just foods.

Are you feeling satisfied in every area of your life? Do you wake up excited and energized, ready for the adventures of the day? If you do, then reach out, and let’s connect!

If not, then read on…

AVF started out as a fun blog for me, Michaela Kennedy, to play around with and bookmark recipes. Already vegetarian, I was curious to learn more about vegan choices and their benefits. Now, I live a fully vegan lifestyle, and I offer coaching on a variety of levels, beginning with your own inner guidance. Reach out to me for an introductory call to address questions you may have about stepping forward into your own self-transformation!



Transformational Coach

You don’t need to be living or desiring a vegan lifestyle to work with me. Inner transformation happens on many levels, and I can show you how to start. Yet I have found that my clients who make the fastest and deepest transformations are the ones that not only follow my coaching tips but also make a commitment to a 30-day plant-based clean eating program.

I spent much of my adult life living in the Pacific Rim and traveling in Asia. As a writer and an adventurer, I found everything I was looking for and more. Yes, of course, there were challenges along the way, and that’s why I’m here now, showing clients how to move past their stuck points and find fulfillment personally and professionally.

Interested to know more? Contact me here and book an introductory session at no cost. I am excited to hear from you!

Michaela Kennedy coach