Your Condom, is it Vegan? including a video review

Your Condom, is it Vegan? including a video review

If not, now is the time, because your condom could be made from lambskin and contain petrochemicals, parabens, casein, milk powder and spermicides.

Not Vegan or ethical.

But there is a Vegan alternative out there: Glyde. Its the only certified ethical and Vegan condom brand, crafted from plant-based ingredients, and never tested on animals

Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Fair Trade

GLYDE is the first condom company built upon eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable principles. We source our non-GMO natural rubber latex from a Fair Trade, owner operated grower where workers are not only paid a living wage, they are shareholders in the operation.  Because ‘sustainability’ and ‘carbon footprint’ are not just catchy buzzwords, but practices key to protecting the environment, our rubber is indigenous to the region and grown within local proximity of our Malaysian manufacturing facility. Our packaging is made with 100% recycled materials, soy and vegetable inks.

And they have this promise to be sensational on their site:

Sheer Sensation

Our exclusive natural latex formula and patented technology makes GLYDE responsibly thin to maximize sensation for both partners, without compromising strength and reliability. The best word to describe the texture of GLYDE condoms is “silky,” which makes practicing safer sex sensational for both partners.


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Have you heard about the Vegan Passport?

Have you heard about the Vegan Passport?

vegan travel passportA vegan passport might just smooth out and enrich your travel experience. Traveling, seeing the world, getting to know foreigners, and eating all sorts of exciting, delicious foods seems so exciting… but it's not always easy being a vegan, trying to explain what not to put in your food. The answer to the problem is right here.

What's a vegan passport?

A “Vegan Passport” that explains in detail, to your waiter or chef, what you want to eat and what you will avoid.

There are two ways to do it. Either way, it covers over 95 percent of the world's population with its 74 languages. I love this new era of instant information! I did plenty of shoestring travel throughout Asia when I was younger, and I often ate things I had no idea what they were or what was in them. I'm not too sure how well I would have fared as a vegan back then. But in the five years that I've now committed to a vegan lifestyle, the internet has grown in vegan information, too.

Vegan passport to easy travel

Below are a couple of choices to help you:

1. You can buy the travelers guide online: The Vegan Passport cost is in paperback and also has a mobile app for easy reference.

2. If you are more into do-it-yourself or not traveling that much, you can print travelers cards you can fold and have in your wallet. Go to vegan cards – there are over 100 languages, so you can choose to print the language(s) you need.

It's a true blessing to have this kind of support with you when you are sitting in a local restaurant in a foreign land and you don't know the language that well.

As always when you are abroad and wish to find a vegan restaurant or cafe use Happy Cow's list – it's far the best I've seen and I use it every time I travel.

Have a nice trip!

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