Ex-Vegan because listening to their bodies

Ex-Vegan because listening to their bodies

stop blaming veganismThis is all too odd, ex-vegans letting us know that they are now eating animals because they start to listen to their bodies! Now our bodies are meant to be addictive, addictive to good things like healthy foods and exercise, unfortunately our bodies also get addicted to let’s take a few examples like smoking, drugs, watching TV and fast food.

When I was a smoker my body told me I needed cigarettes, when I ate sugar, it told me it needed sugar (honestly it still does from time to time), I even had a period when my body told me it needed red wine.

The trick of course is to make your body addicted to the good stuff, and you can only expect your body to get addicted to a vegan diet provided you eat a whole vegan diet (and not stick to kale smoothies and cupcakes).

Another thing is that veganism is not about the diet only, it is about the compassion for all living. It is a lifestyle. So one could argue that those celebrities never were vegans.

Lately (again) some ex-“vegans” are in the media proclaiming their love of eating animals. The usual reason for them going back to exploiting animals, though they still maintain their love for them, is they listened to their bodies and their bodies told them that they must eat animals or they will perish. Or something very close.

Guess what? This fixation on perfection and purity ultimately becomes onerous, tiring, annoying. It becomes hard to maintain. No wonder when they “listened to their body,” it told them to eat a damn cupcake and move on. It’s not veganism’s fault, it’s these bizarrely strict, out-of-balance diets that exclude so much of the variety, diversity, and fun of vegan foods.

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Meet three Vegan Age Defying Women

Meet three Vegan Age Defying Women

I recently wrote about Anette Larkins, the Vegan wonder-woman who looks way younger than she is.

Here she is on the Steve Harvey show, with Mimi and Linda, two other Raw Vegan age defying women.

Linda, among other things, is a 71-year-old woman who can lift a 100 pound dumbbell, and you won’t believe how young she looks.

They have the thing in common that they started researching Raw, Vegan because they were going downhill in the health department.

Watch the show and get their secret to a healthy, happy and energetic life.

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70 Year old Woman looks 30 – Here is how she does it

70 Year old Woman looks 30 – Here is how she does it

Anette Larkins and her husband parted ways a long time ago – on the road of foods.

When they go out, people ask if she is his daughter and even granddaughter.

She does look stunning, but it wasn’t for looks she decided to change her way of living and eating, but the fact that her mother and grandmother died of cancer at 36 and 47.

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How One Family Is Raising Vegan Kids

How One Family Is Raising Vegan Kids

rising vegan kidsIs it possible to raise kids on a vegan diet, still knowing they are getting all the nutrients they need? How do we know if we are giving the kids the right foods to grow up healthy?

Not to mention that a vegan mom was arrested after refusing to take her dehydrated infant to the hospital, fearing her baby might be exposed to animal products in formula. This also brings the public to be against you and believe you are abusing your kids.

Here’s how one family is raising their kids on a vegan diet. Jennifer Horton the mother is answering questions.

What did you feed your kids at first?
We started with avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas — food common for all parents. We then started feeding them foods that we were eating, like peas and cooked greens. Jayden did not like salads at first. However, we put them on his plate every day before we start dinner — we all ate salad first — then one day he started to eat his salad. Now he is almost 4 and eats a full plate of salad before dinner every day without any prompting!

Did you have any concerns they’d get all the nutrients they’d need?
The only concern we had was for B-12, which is in animal products but not plants. So I gave them B-12 supplements, and also took them while they were nursing.

and when the kids grow and they might want at least to try to eat eggs, ice creams and maybe even meat?

At what age will you let your kids make their own food choices should they decide not to be vegan?
In the house we cook vegan. When they’re in middle school and high school they may begin to make choices. We hope to have open dialogue. But like all parents, we hope they make good decisions. I think that this is the balance that all parents go through.

What are the biggest challenges of raising vegan children? Birthday parties. We always bring a special treat for our kids.


Read the full article at: http://thestir.cafemom.com/
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10 Tips for a Healthy Transition to the Vegan Lifestyle

If you would like to know a little about how to make the transition from non-vegan to the vegan lifestyle and how to be a healthy Vegan listen to these two young women give 10 tips on the subject. Theshia Maher has been a vegan for 10 years, is an yoga instructor and a nutritionist.

Just remember to ignore the bee part though. Vegans don’t take the easy road just because it is easy.

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Get Your Ideal Weight using the Vegan Method

Get Your Ideal Weight using the Vegan Method

Here are 10 healthy Vegan recipes for weight loss.

Eating Vegan doesn’t equal being on a diet. It is a life choice and a lifestyle and can, as with any form of foods, be unhealthy if you do not eat the right way.

I found 10 healthy meals to get you started.

The important thing about this is that if you on a daily basis eat mostly healthy and do go outside and exercise or play with the kids, dogs or go swimming, hiking or jumping on the Rebounder
in the backyard, there will be room in your diet for all the delicious desserts we (well most of us) love so much.

Follow this link to get started eating healthy: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-recipe/trying-to-lose-weight-make-these-healthy-plant-based-dishes/


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