5 vegan tapa recipesVegan tapas have called to me, and I have responded. I now have a load of new vegan appetizer ideas, or vegan tapas, to share with you. Last week was “Tapa″ week here in San Juan de la Ramba, where I’ve been staying this winter. It’s a lovely small village situated in the northern part of Tenerife, Spain.

Vegan tapas are not traditional

Ten Restaurants competed on serving the most creative tapa. All the restaurants served “their” tapa and a drink for a nice price of €2.50 ($3.10). The problem for me was, of course, that none of the tapas were vegan.

So, I decided to find good tapas recipes and recreate vegan versions for myself.

Vegan tapas to try

The start of this project was to find the recipes. Here are those that I started out with:

1.  Vegan Jalapeno Poppers 

2. Cherry Tomatoes and Watermelon

3. Tofu Triangles

4. Radicchio Cups

5. Dessert tapas – blueberries 😀

Let’s take the dessert first – I’ve never heard of tapas for dessert, despite having spent some time in Spain. I don’t know if it’s even a thing, but vegan desserts as tapas, well, I’m all for it!

The jalapeno poppers are too hot for me, but my “tasters” love them! So, if you are into hot stuff this is for you. making sure to remove all the seeds and the inner vein helps, as well as choosing your variety of pepper.

The cherry tomatoes with watermelon are just lovely with a nice mild taste. They can be served as palate cleansers and are great for a hot summer’s day.

For the tofu triangles, I used coconut oil, plus I added nutritional yeast and served them warm – a great “snack” taste, salty!

Radicchio cups are so packed with goodness that I can eat them as a meal. These are festive party pleasers

All the vegan tapas I tried were so delicious and well worth the effort – not that they are hard to make, but tapas often need a bit of prep time. I like to make up a batch or two and they will keep for a few days in the refrigerator if they last that long.