vegan menu plan and shopping lists

I do admit, one of my weak spots is to make a menu with a corresponding shopping list. I know it is the only sensible thing to do when I want a varied and healthy diet, not to mention save money. But every time I begin just to think about it, I procrastinate. The Internet is a great place to seek help. I found a 21-day Vegan kickstart menu with recipes and shopping lists.

Not only is it useful as a kickstart kit, but also a fine program to get back to, if you fall out of your good habits. Which I tend to do after returning from a great holiday.

Each day during the Kickstart, we provide recipes and suggestions for every meal. Don’t let this overwhelm you. We want you to know there are tons of options, but you get to pick and choose how many recipes you make each day or week—and how much of each recipe you make. For those of you cooking for four to six people, the serving size of the provided recipes will be spot-on. But if you are cooking for just yourself or one other person, you may consider cutting the recipe in half or making the full amount and freezing it. We recommend trying to cook a big batch and eating off of it for a few days. This will save you time and keep you eating healthy meals. And for those of you cooking for one, check out the book.

Get the 21-day Vegan Kickstart Menu and  Shopping lists at
Photo credit: Bruce Turner

If you, as I, want an old fashion paper book, where you can make your notes and look at photos, then I recommend “The Daily Vegan Planner: Twelve Weeks to a Complete Vegan Diet Transition“. There is also a Kindle version, yet, isn’t easy to use. Books with recipes, diagrams, charts, and workbooks can not simply be copied from the print version to the electronic version. With this book, the daily meal plan and the recipes span multiple pages, no matter how I adjust the font and the charts cannot be filled out. So the paperback is what I recommend.