vegan foods for teenagers

Teenagers are hungry all the time – being vegan or not.
The trick is of course always to have something healthy in the fridge or freezer. We don’t want it to be too expensive either.

Not only for teenagers but I also like to have something just “to grab”; it is nice not to have to cook a full meal from scratch, but just something healthy and filling.
Here are some great suggestions:


Having snacks around has been the best way to keep us all full between meals, or instead of meals when we run out of on time. The old wisdom that snacking ruins your appetite mysteriously doesn’t seem to apply to teenagers and young adults. Try these Simple and Satisfying Vegan Snacks.

Cook in Quantity

I keep vegan taco meat in my freezer and an extra bowl of pasta salad in the fridge when possible. Label the leftover containers to make them easy to find, especially if your wayward teenagers are as bad at feeding themselves as my brother is. Pre-cooked quinoa and wild rice are also excellent in salads and wraps.

Veggie Burgers and Veggie Dogs

Veggie dogs, or not-dogs as we call them in my family, are another easy and filling food. Paired with sprouted buns and homemade ketchup, burgers and dogs are an excellent treat, especially for those less inclined to cooking. Making the veggie burgers yourself can be pretty easy though, if you have a little more time than money, and store-bought has never tasted as good to me as what I make myself.

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