top 5 protein rich beansI decided to enrich some potato mash recipes with protein this week. How can we do this? Beans are a fantastic way to add protein and extra nutrients to any dish. Then I asked myself, which beans contain the most protein? Soybean is at the top of the list. But I’m not keen on soybeans because the non-organic ones are GMO, and I can only buy from China – at least where I live in Finland. I have never been comfortable buying from a country that far away, for some reason. So, which ones are next on the list? I wasn’t sure, so I used the usual trick: Google.

Second on the list is navy beans. For you who are not familiar with that name (as I wasn’t), it’s a small white, oval bean, with the latin name Phaseolus Vulgaris.

When my significant other did the shopping list, I asked him to buy “white beans”, which is the term we would use here. He bought butter beans, which, in his defense, are also white. The protein content in cooked butter beans is 9g per 100g, so all was good with the protein content. The mashed potatoes also turned out well. My partner, who is an omnivore, loved it without noticing the butter beans. I added a few veggies and it was a healthy main meal.

Top 5 Beans with the most Protein

(all figures are per 100g and cooked)

  1. Soybeans: 12.35g

  2. Pinto beans: 9g

  3. Kidney beans: 9g (never ever eat those raw!)

  4. Black Beans: 8.8g

  5. Navy Beans: 8g

Learn this list by heart 😉