The video below from Bananiac on YouTube is not the latest top news. But it does point out a growing epidemic in the meat industry in recent years. Animal viruses are becoming more frequent, driving up meat prices. Does eating less meat mean less heart disease and strokes? What a travesty! (Yes, my tongue is in my cheek.) No, we don't need this kind of craziness. I don't mind skinning a few bananas, for the sake of a healthy, vegan lifestyle. Live on, dear piggies.

Jon Stewart and his wife, Tracy, are animal lovers. Jon started poking holes in the animal industry a few years ago on his Comedy Central Show. Here's a clip:

[videoframes src=”” skin=”10″ autoplay=”1″ controls=”1″ headline_text=”Jon Stewart is going bananas, too” headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

We don't really need to point out the miserable circumstances that animals suffer, ending up on the average dinner plate. It doesn't seem to make much difference for those who continue to proudly consume animals. Yet many of these same people are fanatics about washing their vegetables. They make sure there is not a speck of B-12 rich soil left on them, before finally cooking all the nutrients out. This is sheer insanity. Is going bananas really such a crazy thing after all?

Speaking of bananas, I share some recipes that use banana skins in this post. Here in the West, we throw these away. Many places throughout the world know the health benefits and cook with bananas skins. I'll never let a healthy banana peel slip away again. 🙂