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Hello, I'm Susanne Flø and welcome to my site. I’m all about sharing my knowledge about vegan foods, what to cook and how. If you’re looking for recipes, health advise, exercise and just plain common sense about vegan lifestyle you've come to the right place

Today, I have a great collection of tested and proven recipes of all kinds, my favorite is vegan sweets but as everything else in life your diet must be balanced, therefore I have a worked on a healthy vegan diet. All aspects of a healthy diet is covered.

Vegan & Vegan Lifestyle

One of the aspects of being vegan is to respect all living creatures, so foot wear of leather is out of the question. I have spent a good amount of time searching for the best vegan boots, sandals and heels. Not to mention my beauty regime, I do not want animals to suffer for my beauty products. Today I use only products that has not been tested on animals, I'm in a constant search of knowing exactly what the companies are doing. I share that knowledge too.

Vegan & Exercise

There's often the misconception that when you are on a vegan diet you cannot do too much exercise and you certainly cannot build enough muscle mass to do bodybuilding. This is not true and I give you many examples of not only that it can be done but also how it is done.

Vegan & Supplements

Do vegans need supplements? that's the question and there are many opinions on that, I will give you my experience as well as others. We vegans may need to work a little bit harder to meet nutrient needs, but that’s a small trade-off for making choices based on compassion and justice for animals.

All Vegan Foods

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