Once upon a time when there was no such thing as the Internet, it was difficult to find vegan recipes. Finding vegan friends was not easy either. If you had luck, you could find an odd cook book at the bookstore. Finding inspiration for meat-free and dairy-free meals was close to a mission impossible.

Today with social media and a gazillion bloggers, you can find never-ending inspiration for mouth-watering vegan and healthy recipes. Lately, male vegan bloggers have been inspiring me. They do not post recipes only, but also write about their cruelty-free lifestyle, including travel. What I like is many of them also write about how to stay fit, being an athlete and martial arts. The number one most important thing for me is that these vegan men demand and even command respect for all living beings. They don’t put op with anything less than what they believe.

Here is my list of 7 hot vegan men in no particular order.

  1. George Matthews owner of A Vegan Man. His tagline is “Command respect while respecting all living things. Be a vegan man!”
  2. Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete writes about being active and eating a plant-based diet. He has Marathon road maps full as well as half. You can sign up for a free course “Become a No Meat Athlete”.
  3. Matt Ruscigno of True Love Health has been a vegan for 19 years and is a registered dietitian, vegan and endurance athlete living car-free in California. 

  4. George Laraque a Canadian Athlete says:“I don’t put up with much, and I certainly don’t want to put up with the cruelty of the meat industry. I’m Georges Laraque, and I’m vegan.” George Laraque is also co-owner of the restaurant Crudessence.
  5. Ayinde Howell, founder and publisher of I Eat Grass and co-author of The Lusty Vegan. I believe his website got the name from this quote: “Someone said to me -“Well, if you don’t eat meat -what do you eat, grass??”  My answer; “No, I just-eat everything else.” He posts great recipes and writes about music, sex and what else is happening in the ‘vegan' world.
  6. The Vegan Zombiehe may not be everyone's cup of tea, yet his vegan recipes are great and so are his how-to videos. And he is fun too.
  7. Brian Woz of The Vegan Man Cave travels the U.S., tastes and tries meals at vegan restaurants across the country. He posts his experiences on the blog.

Photo Credit: Designed by Freepik