Mousse au Chocolate, the well-known French dessert: can you turn it into a vegan chocolate mousse? The original recipe is a decadent, luxurious dessert. Its purpose is to fill your mouth with creaminess and your mind with airy dreams. The texture should  be luscious, fluffy and feathery light. In other words, it will bring a sexy end to an intimate dinner, served with a cup of coffee.

The big question is how to veganize that texture and sexiness? I have tested the egg replacement with flax seeds and water, tofu, potato starch, even mashed potatoes. All that didn’t quite work out, not the chocolate mousse tasted bad, but it didn’t have the texture I was looking for. Avocado is good though, so good I often use it in chocolate mousse, because it’s fast and has a great taste, yet not perfect texture.

The solution is chickpea brine. It started with a recipe for vegan meringues, which was good. I adopted the idea and after a few tests, the result was an airy mousse. Only 3 ingredients, but it must sit in the fridge approx. 10 hours. Then serve either as is or with coconut cream and berries.

Below the infographic is a comprehensive explanation of how to do it.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Vegan fluffy chocolate mousse

The chocolate: Choose a good quality at least 72% if possible because it’s the healthiest. 100 g = 3.5 oz.

The Brine: The liquid in the tin I bought equals 125 ml / 4.227  fl. oz.

The Sweetener: I used stevia, and have also used coconut sugar with good result. Do not use syrup or any other liquid sweetener.

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How to melt the chocolate: A Bain Marie is a fancy term for a hot water bath. A smaller pot inside a larger one. You put the chocolate in the smaller and water in the bigger. You can also use, as I do, a big pot and a smaller pot. Do take care that no water gets to the chocolate. Do not use wooden tools. Below is a great video on how to melt chocolate, when you use a pot and a glass bowl.

After the chocolate is melted take the pot off the stove. Let the chocolate stay in the bowl in the hot water.

To prepare the brine: If you have a handheld electric whisk us that. If not, use a normal whisk and be prepared to work. Whisk until the texture is for meringue, that means stiff. I learned at school that you should take the bowl, put it upside down if nothing is running out then Perfect!

Add the sweetener – I warn you, don’t add it before the brine is stiff.

Whisk for another 15 second’s time or a bit more if using a non-electric whisk.

Fold the now cooled chocolate in the brine. Stir a little bit. To get the perfect result, the mixture must be well integrated.

Pour in ramekins or wine glasses. Place in the fridge and let stay for approx. 10 hours.


100 g chocolate = 3.5 oz
125 ml brine = 4.227  fluid ounces
2 tsp = 10 ml.


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