Cookie Time – every now again it’s nice with a vegan cookie or two.

The good people at LoveHealthFitness have a great recipe to share with us.

This easy recipe has 5 ingredients only. It is gluten free, nothing processed and only good healthy fats and antioxidants.

The recipe calls for coconut nectar or maple syrup and no-alcohol vanilla extract. I used homemade date syrup and homemade vanilla extract, which is made of vanilla and Vodka. The result was delicious.

8 ounces / 225g raw organic cacao butter
1 cup / 2.5 dl raw organic cashews soaked overnight
3/4 cup / 2 dl raw organic coconut nectar (sub: maple syrup)
2 tsp of organic no-alcohol vanilla extract (sub: vanilla bean)
1 handful of 100% raw cacao chocolate chips (sub: 70% dark chocolate chips)

Watch the video on how to make them.

Doesn't it look super-duper-delicious?
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