7 creamy vegan soupsWinter is on the way! It’s time to prep for heartwarming meals, and vegan creamy soups are on my menu. Enjoy these 7 most scrumptious, nutritious and creamy soups that the vegan diet has to offer. Soup is the ultimate comfort food. It’s easy to make, filling and full of nutrition. Vegan soups are made with nutrient-rich vegetables, legumes, and other ingredients that have delicious textures and great flavours. Also, when you eat vegan soup, you may have a lower obesity risk. So, eating soups, even these luscious creamy soups, before a meal may help control your weight.

Soup makes you feel full because of its high water content. Studies show that eating soup as an appetizer can decrease calorie intake at a meal by about 20%.  So, starting with soup means you’ll feel fuller faster, and be less prone to pick at the bread basket.

Vegan soups contain little of saturated fats but are high in proteins, fibre, micronutrients and vitamins. To add even more nutritious to your bowl try the following:

  • Herbs for detoxing
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds and nuts to add omega acid-fats
  • Seaweed sprinkles or sea salt for the iodine
  • Sesame seeds  for the calcium
  • Hot sauce to kick your metabolism

1. Red lentil & Broccoli creamy soup at the Simple Veganista

2. Parsnips & Pear soup at  the Simple Veganista (yes I do have a weakness for the Simple Veganista).

3. Roasted Asparagus soup at the Fat Free Vegan

4. Avocado Coconut soup at Klog.lunchboxbunch

5. Pumpkin soup with Chocolate at FoodieFiasco

6. Cauliflower mushroom soup at ConnoisseurusVeg

7. Carrot soup with ginger at: Vegetarian

There you go, take your pick, all my favorite vegan creamy soups. :)

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